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Construction Career Days

Roofing Construction PhoenixStar Roofing Inc.

Invites you to Arizona Construction Career Days at the

Arizona Army National Guard – Papago Site On the 6Th and 7th November 5636 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Star Roofing Inc. Roofing Foreman Juan Barranco demonstrates how to install and seal a roofing vent at the Arizona Construction Career Day. Star Roofing  also had a roofing crane on display at the event. This is a great event which supports the growing need for students, teachers and career counselors to understand better the many career opportunities that are available in the Construction Industry.

ACCD was initiated by the Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD) event team in 2007. This came about due to the event becoming a larger event and needed more than just a committee; thus became the Association for Construction Career Development.

Visit the ACCD Website for more detail and entry requirements.