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"Your Roofing Problem Solver"
"Your Roofing Problem Solver"

Roof Monitor

Modern Technology Meets Roofing

Roof Monitor safeguards the low-sloped roofs of commercial buildings – and the people and businesses that rely on them. Using real-time data, groundbreaking technology, and an extensive wireless network, Roof Monitor provides unmatched protection designed to reduce roof collapses, falls off roofs, and rooftop security breaches.

Roof Collapses Endanger Lives and Cost Money

There is a great need for commercial roof monitoring, since more than 3,000 roof collapses occur in the United States every year (Paramount Disaster Recovery Survey, 2010). These collapses endanger lives and cost businesses millions in:

  • Building Repairs
  • Damaged Inventory
  • Lost Business During Closures

Roof Clearings are Just as Dangerous as Collapses

Workers clearing roofs face a variety of hazards, including hidden skylights, slippery surfaces and rooftop edges. Clearing snow and water can damage the membrane of the roof, resulting in a patched roof with a shorter lifespan. Additionally, forced shut downs during clearings can result in lost business. Although roof clearings can prevent roof collapses, they can be just as dangerous and costly as collapses.

How Does Roof Monitor™ Work?

Roof Monitor

Roof Monitor™ helps save lives and protect your biggest investments. Two groundbreaking products work in sync to form Roof Monitor’s patent-pending system: Roof Sensor™ and Edge Defense™.

State of the Art, Proprietary Roof Monitoring Technology
Roof Monitor™ helps manage safety risks and minimize business disruptions by communicating with building owners and other appropriate contacts when action is needed – before damage occurs.
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