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Star Roofing Community Support

Roofing Company Charity event


Star Roofing Inc would like to thank all who came out to support the community charity bowling event for New Pathways for Youth held on the 4th of June. The theme was favorite Sci-Fi character – The Star team choice was Back to the Future. The event raised over $15000.00 for Pathway for Youth.

New Pathways for Youth supports one-on-one relationships between high risk youth and trained, volunteer mentors to unearth the core beliefs that are impeding youth from achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. You can view more and volunteer to help at their website

Star Roofing Celebrates National Safety Stand Down

Phoenix Roofing Company Star Roofing Inc.

Phoenix Roofing

The 58 field employees of Star Roofing participated in a special Fall Protection Stand-Down on May 4. Employees responded to questions regarding fall protection and ladder safety. In addition, all personal fall protection harnesses were checked and tagged. Special shirts were provided to keep safety awareness in the forefront.

Construction Career Days

Roofing Construction PhoenixStar Roofing Inc.

Invites you to Arizona Construction Career Days at the

Arizona Army National Guard – Papago Site On the 6Th and 7th November 5636 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Star Roofing Inc. Roofing Foreman Juan Barranco demonstrates how to install and seal a roofing vent at the Arizona Construction Career Day. Star Roofing  also had a roofing crane on display at the event. This is a great event which supports the growing need for students, teachers and career counselors to understand better the many career opportunities that are available in the Construction Industry.

ACCD was initiated by the Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD) event team in 2007. This came about due to the event becoming a larger event and needed more than just a committee; thus became the Association for Construction Career Development.

Visit the ACCD Website for more detail and entry requirements.

Phoenix Foam Roofing Saves $$$

What is spray foam and why use it.
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is fluid applied using plural-component spray equipment to fill cracks and crevices. It then expands approximately 30 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, closed cell, monolithic roof surface.

The Polyurethane Foam dries within seconds after applied to the roof’s surface. Its’ expansion results in a weather tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate. Because polyurethane is lightweight, it adds little additional weight to the structure.

Polyurethane Foam has a history of more than 35 years as a maintainable roofing medium. Polyurethane Foam adds excellent insulation value to the structure, and utility bills can reflect the difference, up to 30%-70% on energy consumption!Phoenix Foam Roofing

Once the SPF has been applied to the proper thickness and finish specifications, protective layers of elastomeric coating and granules are applied. The reason for the elastomeric coating is to protect the foam from the sun. If the foam is exposed to the sun, it can oxidize and wear away. This protective layer produces a durable, weather resistant surface that can be walked on for normal maintenance.

But don’t take our word for it below is an email from a customer whose roof was done almost a year ago.

Subject: Our new roof

Message Body:

Good Morning,

You completed the installation of our new foam roof in late December 2013. Shortly after completion, a contractor friend of mine looked at the roof and commented it was the best looking installation of a foam roof he had seen.

On September 8, 2014, we had a near record rainfall in our area giving the new roof it’s first serious test. It performed flawlessly.  I inspected the roof after the storm and it looks just as good as the day it was finished.  No runs, no drips, no errors.

After only 8 full months with our new foam roof, we got a notice from APS adjusting our Equalizer payment for electricity. Our payment for the next 12 months has gone down $26.57 per month.

Great job on our new roof. Obviously, I will recommend Star Roofing to anyone needing a new roof.

Thank you and have a great day,


Star Roofing has been installing Phoenix Foam Roofing since 1954 our teams are the best in the foam roofing industry.  Call today for a Roofing Estimate:

Call 602 888 0675

Roofing Contractor of the Year 2013

Phoenix Roofing Company Star Roofing Inc. was awarded Roofing Contractor Of the year by Roofing Contractor Magazine View article here

Phoenix Roofing Contractor of the year

The future is Bright at Star Roofing

By Chris King

Asked what makes their company successful, executives at Star Roofing Inc. Immediately pointed to the company”s talented, experienced staff. “Our Strength is our people, both in the office and field, who take pride in their work and have a lot of experience,” said President John Plescia. “We have the ability to install a wide variety of systems, both new and re-roof.”

    Operations Manager Pete Schmautz agreed, noting that the company is structured to make the most of that talent- and adapt to changing conditions. “The biggest thing for us is open lines of communication,” he said. “We do have a hierachy of sorts – you’ve got to have the various levels of duties – but there’s nobody that’s above doing anything within our operations.

That’s the thing – our versatility. If somebody is a project mamnager, and they need to do something else, then they do it. We’re not so tied into titles: we’re there to supprt each other. If someone needs help they are going to get it.

        Talented Workers with a team_first mentality have developed a reputation that sets the company apart, noted Schmauz. “We’re better at certain types of systems than our competitors,” he said. “In some cases, it seems the tougher jobs are, the better suited we are to deal with them.”

Headquarters in phoenix, where it was founded in 1954, the union_shop roofing and waterproofing company has 70 employees. the vast majority of the company’s work is in commercial arena, both re-roofing and new construction. About 10 % of its work is residential.

Star Roofing is a member of National Roofing Partners (NRP), a group of affliated independent contractors headquartered in Dallas That service accounts nationwide. The company is also a member of several industry orgnizations including the national Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) Arizona Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) and American Subcontractors Association (ASA, to name a few.

Star Roofing Employees have been active in leadership roles in these associations over the years. Plescia served three terms as ARCA president, as well as stints on the boards of NRCA and WSRCA. He is also the longtime chairman of the regional roofer’s union health and welfare trust.

Read more…


Phoenix Roofing Company recieves GAF Award

Phoenix Roofing Company receives GAF AwardpHOENIX ROOFING COMPANY

The Phoenix Roofing Company Star Roofing Inc. has received another Quality Award. They were awarded the Master “10” Certificate of Quality BY GAF roofing systems in recognition of the excellent workmanship and commitment to quality demonstrated by the Star Roofing Inc. Commercial Roofing Division.

The certificate is presented only to those Certified Contractors who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and exceptional customer satisfaction by earning the highest quality roof installation rating of “10”.

This award was received for the Phoenix roofing project on the Estrella Logistics Center.Phoenix Roofing Company Award

Roofing Contractor Award

Roofing Contractor of the Year

ARCA Roofing Contractor Of The Year 2013

Star Roofing Inc. was awarded the 2013 Contractor Of The year Award at the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association convention held at the Prescott Resort on October 5th 2013.  The recipient of the Contractor of the year award is chosen through nomination  and voting process by other members. Star Roofing Inc. is especially proud to receive this award as it signifies the recognition from our peers of the standards of excellence practiced by Star Roofing Inc.

It is our mission to deliver high-quality, yet cost-effective, roofing services on schedule and on budget by employing and supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, vendors, and partners. Our clients count on our quality and dependability our drive and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.

Star Roofing Inc. has been a leader in the Phoenix Roofing industry Since 1954 and have won several Awards over the years, most recent was Project of The year 2012 awarded by Sika Sarnafil for the ASU Student Recreation Center.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Phoenix community for it’s support and trust with their Roofing Projects for the past 59 years.

Contractor of the year

Arizona Roofing Contractors Association

At the 44th Annual Convention and Trade ShowArizona Roofing Contractors

John Yoder Secretary-Treasurer of Star Roofing Inc.

Was Elected President of Arizona Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA)

John has served as 1st Vice President for the past year to the outgoing President Sal Flores

He has over 30 years in the roofing industry and is currently responsible for Risk management and Safety management at Star Roofing Inc.

Star Roofing Inc. would like to say congratulations on your election John, we thank you for all that you do for Star Roofing and its employees.

Scottsdale Foam Roofing

Star Roofing Inc. specializes in Urethane Spray Foam Roofing. Several homes in Scottsdale AZ have been built with Flat roofs and utilizes Urethane Spray Foam thereby reaping the benefits of energy savings while enjoying the durability.Scottsdale Urethane foam roofing

SPF Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two most prominent benefits are waterproofing/leak prevention and insulation value. Many additional benefits also exist such as superior compressive strength, lightweight, self-flashing, durable and long lasting.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roof Systems

  • Leak free monolithic seal over your entire roof deck
  • Self flashing
  • High insulation value / Rapid payback with energy savings
  • Strong adhesion and wind uplift resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • UL and FM approved systems

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam is applied as a liquid using plural-component spray equipment to fill cracks and crevices. It then expands approximately 30 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, closed cell monolithic roof surface. The Polyurethane Foam dries within seconds after applied to the roof surface. Its expansion results in a weather tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate. Because of polyurethane’s lightweight it adds little additional weight to the structure and is often used in remedial applications. Polyurethane Foam has a history of more than 35 years as a maintainable roofing medium. Polyurethane Foam adds excellent insulation value to the structure and utility bills can reflect the difference.

Protective Coatings for Spray Foam Roofs
Once the SPF has been applied to the proper thickness and finish specifications, a protective layer of elastomeric coating, or gravel is applied. This protective layer produces a durable weather resistant surface and that can be walked on for normal maintenance.

Energy Star – Cool Roofs Program and Benefits
ENERGY STAR qualified roof coating products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, and can reduce energy bills by up to 50%. The Cool Roof Program defines certain standards for reflectivity, and maintenance of reflectivity, in roof coating systems. These light colored roof coatings reflect the suns heat and UV rays and often lower the temperature of the roof by up to 100 degrees.

SPF Roofing Installation
Installation of SPF involves different procedures based on the existing roof structure. It is important to be familiar with all state and local building codes to assure the appropriate materials and procedures meet the necessary requirements in your area.

$25 Visa Giftcard Giveaway

Free 425 Gift card givewaay

Star Roofing Inc. will give away up to ten $25 gift cards in the month of October. Two ways to win.

  1. For every ten likes to our Facebook page,, we will draw one winner.
  2. Automatically win a $25 gift card by taking a picture of one of our vehicles, liking our Facebook page, and posting the photo on our wall.
Rules: Open to legal residents of the US. Employees and affiliates not eligible to participate.  Winners will be announced at the end of July on our Facebook page. All photos become the property of Star Roofing Inc. Winners must provide their mailing address please allow 2 weeks for delivery of Gift Card. Contest ends when 10 winners are announced or on the 31st of July.