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"Your Roofing Problem Solver"
"Your Roofing Problem Solver"

Because we care about our clients and like to keep you informed, below you will find links and information we believe can be beneficial to property owners. These sites are managed by the respective owners and not part of Star Roofing Inc.

Roofing GuideWe are a group of licensed, local roofing contractors who have joined forces to provide a helpful resource for homeowners to better navigate the course of hiring a roofer, particularly in light of the rise of roofing scandals since the October 2010 hail storm. Click image to view more.


Roofing contractors registrarThis is your resource to verify a contractor’s lisence. Click the image to go directly to their search page.

Star Roofing Licenses are: AZ Commercial 067929, AZ Residential 067712, General Contractor 153945,

Please check us out, we are very proud of our status.


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