Residential Roofing

Our Residential Roofing department in Phoenix is managed by, Michael Reeves, Vice President, Residential Roofing. Michael has 32 years experience in the residential roofing industry. He is an expert in various roofing styles and buildouts. From asphalt and wood shingles, to tile roofing and spray polyurethane foam Michael is the man for the job.

You can rest assured with the experience, equipment and dedication of our teams your roofing project will be done right.

  • New Roofing and Reroofing
  • Sprayfoam Roofing & Coating Specialists
  • Deck Coatings
  • Tile and Shingle Reroofing

As the most experienced roofing company in Phoenix we are familiar with the unique climate and unseen damage done to your roof. The sun silently destroys roofing materials and lowers the quality of the materials which are the first to fail when a monsoon hits.

An Ounce of preventation is worth more than a pound of cure.

Protect your investment and belongings from damage. Our experienced roofing team will find the damage before it rains. And provide you with their recommendations for resolving any problems. This can be as simple as a few key replacements, or in the case of extended neglect, a re-roof may be necessary. However, you can be sure that we will provide you with the most cost effective roofing solution.

While it only rains for an average 32 days a year in Phoenix, the havoc inflicted by the sun prior to rainfall creates all kinds of opportunities for leaks to develop.

CAll Michael today for a Free Estimate 602 944 3323

24 hour emergency repair also available

Emergency Roofing Phoenix Top view of roof using shingles

Star Roofing Residential Roofing Department has the expertise, experience & equipment to guarantee your roof will be done right. Our roofing team leaders have a minimum of 25 years experience roofing Phoenix homes.
When it comes to roofing Scottsdale and Phoenix residents know they can count on Star Roofing residential roofing department to complete their roofing project in an efficient and cost effective manner.